We're giving environmental stewards who love contributing to Pittsburgh's tree canopy an exciting new opportunity to give back!

The Canopy Keepers are tree lovers dedicated to seeing the urban forest thrive for generations to come. When you become part of the Canopy Keepers, our horticulture team can continue planting new trees in areas of need, plus -- care for existing mature trees, research tree species that will thrive in our changing environment, and monitor and trap invasive pests. 

Will you join us?  

Monthly giving offers a simple and predictable way to advocate for the organizations you value. For as little as $5 per month, you can feel your impact in our parks throughout every season! 

Give $5 a month so we can plant an extra restoration tree each year.

Give $40 a month so we can plant an extra landscape tree each year. 

Give $167 a month, and you’ll get to enjoy benefits as a member of our Roots Society. 

BE INSPIRED Hear from a current Canopy Keeper

“Witnessing the positive impact of trees in our parks firsthand is what sparked my first gift to the Park Tree Fund. I’m inspired by the shade of towering trees, picnicking in picturesque groves – the invaluable role that trees play in fostering community and well-being. Knowing that my contribution could help preserve and expand these green oases is a big motivator for me.” - Megan Kruse, Monroeville

Megan And Talia

For more information, please contact:

Elizabeth Mick

Philanthropy Manager