Board of Directors The Parks Conservancy’s Board of Directors includes four City representatives and many more community and business leaders. Directors serve on one or more Board Committees, which include Audit, Finance, Planning, Community Engagement, Development, Education, Nominating & Governance, and Human Resources.

Alan Ackerman
Nicole Bagnell Snyder
Terri Baltimore
Tom Barbush
Ritchie Battle
Daniel I. Booker, Immediate Past Board Chair
Kinsey Casey, Mayor's Representative 
Ross Chapman, ex officio
Meg Cheever, director emeritus
Andrew Dash, ex officio
Maris Dauer
Ann Davis
Talia DePasquale 
Abigail Foster
Rebecca Foster
Elise Frick
Mike Gable, ex officio
Nicholas Gianaris
Matthew Gleason
Robert M. Hernandez
David McL. Hillman
Dan Holthaus, Board Treasurer

Ralph Horgan
Harry Johnson, II
Mark A. Jones
Margaret Ann King
Nancy Levine, M.D.
Robert Levin
Michael Lyons, Board Chair
Katie McSorley
Inez Miles
Brian Mullins
Michael L. Morley
Therese Dillman Moss
Mildred S. Myers, Board Vice Chair
Michael A. Pavlick
Mayor William Peduto, ex officio
William Pietragallo, II
Gabriela Porges
Christine Raetsch
William C. Rudolph
Zinna Scott
James Spencer, Board Secretary 
Paul Supowitz

We are all in. are you?

Parks do not exist without people. We restore parks for your joy and well-being. Pittsburghers need spaces where fathers can play catch with their sons, couples reconnect, family’s picnic. Parks, in return, do more than we realize. They clean the air, filter stormwater, lower stress…provide a natural sanctuary in forests of steel and glass surrounded by rivers of asphalt. Like anything alive, if neglected a park will suffer. And ultimately perish.

We believe in the power of parks.