Battery Recycling Program At Frick Environmental Center Is Free Of Charge

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Every year, Americans throw away billions of batteries.

Batteries dropped off for recycling at the Center


These batteries contain harmful chemicals such as mercury and heavy metals, which can leach into the water we drink and the air we breathe. That’s why Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy offers a way to recycle old batteries safely and sustainably at the Frick Environmental Center! 

Battery recycling is a complicated process -- your old batteries undergo a long journey before they’re ready to be repurposed. Batteries first must be carefully sorted. Each type of battery involves different recycling processes, but most household batteries are single-use alkaline batteries. Alkaline batteries are generally processed into three different products: Zinc and manganese concentrate, steel, and paper, plastic, and brass fractions. After the batteries are broken down, the products can be used to make steel, plastics, and even new batteries.

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There are many reasons why battery recycling is important. Not only does it keep our water supply clean and natural resources safe, it can reduce the carbon footprint of the entire battery manufacturing process -- all while creating jobs. Battery recycling truly is a win for everybody, including our environment.

The Frick Environmental Center is one of the few places in the city of Pittsburgh where people can drop off nearly any household battery for free recycling, thanks to our recycling sponsor, Green Mountain Energy. The blue battery collection tube is just inside the main entrance of the Frick Environmental Center, near the elevator. We’ll take it from there to ensure that your batteries are disposed of in the safest and most responsible way possible!

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If you have a damaged battery, a battery that will not fit into the collection tube, or other battery recycling program questions, please call the Frick Environmental Center before dropping off your battery.