August Wilson Park Garden

Located in the historic Hill District, Cliffside Park was created in 1975. It was later renamed August Wilson Park in Spring 2016. Many improvements took place in this beloved community park. A walkway was installed with a grade less than five percent to allow for ADA accessibility down into the heart of the park. A shallow stream runnel infiltrates the runoff collected from the street and eventually flows downstream to the bottom of the park into the rain garden. Within the runnels, soft rushes were planted to help slow the water during periods of heavy rainfall. Native vining honeysuckle is located above the playground on the hillside. This is a great alternative to invasive honeysuckle. Red twig dogwoods are also located in the park and retain the bright red stems throughout the seasons. Native shrubs, grasses, perennials, and trees are also located throughout the park. 



Parks thrive when they have sun, soil, rain…and you. You ensure programs are offered, trees are planted, capital projects are funded, flowers are tended to, research is pursued. There is nothing the parks can’t do with you behind them.