All-Ages Fitness Fun In Frick And Schenley Parks

JUN 7, 2016 

If your grandpa was anything like mine, the words he always said to my brother and I when we arrived at his house may sound familiar: “Give your grandma a hug. Then get outside or I’ll box your ears.”  Thankfully, we never had our ears boxed, but we did learn the joy of outdoor exploration and the thrill of running through the woods until we collapsed on our backs, seeing the sun peak through the leaves as we looked skyward.

Living near Frick and Schenley Parks makes it easy find fun sports and fitness activities for you and your loved ones that will give you the same kind of outdoor magic.  The great outdoors is your backyard, and the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy and the City of Pittsburgh’s Department of Public Works work year-round to keep your parks in tip-top shape.  What does your week of all-ages fitness and fun in Frick and Schenley Parks look like?  Grab your jacket, a water bottle, and let’s explore... Read the full article