A Picnic in the Parks

A picnic in the parks is the perfect summer outing. Here are my tips for having the best outdoor eating experience you can at Frick Park.  


To begin planning your picnic, consider what you might bring along. I like to bring some food and drinks, an outdoor blanket, and a basket or bag to carry everything in. You may also need some sort of transportation to get to the parks and a friend to spend time with. Bringing friends and loved ones makes for a fun time and some great photo opportunities! I also like to bring a book or painting materials along with me for some entertainment.  


Food is the most important part of any picnic. I like to pack a sandwich, some fruit and veggies, and some water. Some other ideas include bringing takeout from a local restaurant or chips and drinks from a convenience store. Remember to avoid using glass containers to pack your snacks in as they are not permitted in the park. If you bring a friend or loved one along, be sure to pack enough for the both of you! 


Pittsburgh has a wide variety of weather, which can even go from sunny to snowing on the same day. Be sure to check the weather before making your way to the parks and pack the necessary clothing. Does it call for rain? Pack an umbrella and a jacket! Is it super sunny? Pack some sunscreen and a hat or sunglasses! Footwear is also important to think about in the parks. On rainy days it would be best to wear a pair of shoes you don’t mind getting muddy. Be prepared also to do some light hiking and have shoes that won’t hurt your feet.  


Every spot in the parks can be naturally beautiful and picturesque, but not all of them are the best for picnicking. My favorite spots are the covered picnic tables and benches along the trails in Frick Park. These can be good spots to look out for especially if it is rainy. You can also spread your blanket out on the ground if you prefer a more traditional picnic. Whatever you chose, remember to be mindful of nature and the people around you.  


The perfect end to a picnic includes cleaning up before you go. Our parks are a wonderful natural resource, so we would like to keep them clear of trash and harmful substances. I do this by finding a trashcan along my walk or taking it with me to throw away at home. This can help keep the parks clean and allow people to enjoy them for years to come!


Not able to get to one of Pittsburgh’s parks? No problem! You can have a picnic in your home or the nearest nature spot you can find. Just follow the guidelines in your area to have a great picnic. Pack some snacks, find the perfect spot to enjoy nature, and clean up afterward. These spots can include your front porch, a local playground, and even a blanket on the floor!


Now that you know the basics, how will you plan the best picnic in the parks? I hope you enjoyed these tips and get the opportunity to use them!  


Madison Reitter – Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy Intern