A Letter of Gratitude from Catherine Qureshi

A Letter of Gratitude from Catherine Qureshi

Dear Friends,

As we approach the season of thanks, we reflect on the tremendous impact your support has had on Pittsburgh's parks and all who visit these wonderful spaces.

The steadfast commitment from our supporters has allowed us to achieve remarkable milestones throughout our 27-year history, such as completing 23 capital projects in 11 city parks, connecting with more than 7,000 children annually through our camps and educational programs, and creating a more sustainable urban ecosystem through restoration work in several parks, including Pittsburgh's newest park – Hays Woods.

This year was full of triumphs, and our future is bright as we look ahead to 2024. In the coming months, we will break ground on creating a first-of-its-kind outdoor sensory classroom in Frick Park, grow our tree planting and care program for parks in need, expand our green jobs preparedness educational programs to middle school students, and so much more.

And as we enter this time of gratitude, I want you to know that your support extends far and wide. It signifies a shared vision and a shared commitment to making Pittsburgh's parks a better place for all.

As we gather with our loved ones to give thanks this holiday season, your generosity will be at the forefront of our thoughts. We hope you, too, take pride in the role you play in the positive change we bring to our city's green spaces.

With deep gratitude,