A Brighter Future for Pittsburgh’s Oldest Community Park 

Since it opened in 1867, the beloved Allegheny Commons Park has served as the backdrop for generations of memories for residents of the Northside. In partnership with the Allegheny Commons Initiative, the City of Pittsburgh, and the Northside Leadership Conference and in accordance with the community-driven master plan for the park, the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy has worked since 2002 to breathe new life into this historic space. 

Thanks to an $800,000 allocation from the City of Pittsburgh Parks Tax Trust Fund and a gift of $1 million over four years from Duquesne Light, the Parks Conservancy recently completed the restoration of Allegheny Commons Park North Promenade from Federal Street across Arch Street to the George Washington Monument.  

This phase of work included: 

  • Installation of 16 historically accurate light poles, which will illuminate a section of the park that was previously unlit 
  • Rehabilitation of pathways and construction a planted median and pedestrian refuge island on Arch Street to ensure that users of all abilities can safely enter and navigate through park  
  • Addition of a plaza space surrounding the George Washington Monument using permeable pavers to intercept stormwater at the site  
  • Planting of 44 new trees and 800 containers of native purple love grass  
  • Placement of 20 new benches and 3 waste receptacles to ensure a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for visitors 

Longtime Northside residents Joe Riebling and Sarah Olexsak celebrate this investment in a more sustainable and healthier future for Allegheny Commons Park.  

“This park means a lot to me. I have photographs of my mom playing in the park as a child,” Joe Riebling, photographer and Northside resident explained. “I played in this park as a boy. The Allegheny Commons has been a source of enjoyment for Northsiders for quite a few generations and with the improvements and the updates that are being made now will ensure that many generations after us will enjoy this wonderful place!”   

“The feeling of walking on that new sidewalk along Arch, and crossing over the street safely is so impactful for us. The energy and life was palpable as the sun set, and I said to my husband that I was so glad that we chose to live here,” said Sarah Olexsak, Northside resident and Duquesne Light employee.