5 Reasons to Be Grateful to Live in Pittsburgh

NOV 24, 2014 


Is this Pittsburgh’s moment?

Some say yes–not just those from Pittsburgh but quite a few outside the city. And it’s a moment we’ve been waiting for.

Seven years ago, I arrived in Pittsburgh with my husband and our then-six-year-old son. We had left beautiful, multi-cultural–and very expensive–San Francisco in search of a city that was more welcoming to a couple of mid-career professionals who were late to the parenting game. Pittsburgh was the winner on our short list of cities (Minneapolis and Burlington, Vt. were the other two), and to this day we still drop our jaws every time we exit the Fort Pitt Tunnel and gaze upon the Golden Triangle.

The flip side? There were few restaurants in the city that satisfied our foodie sensibility and municipal governance was in flux. Fast forward to this season of giving and it’s easy to find oneself in a space of gratitude, for five very good reasons. Read full article