Established in 1867, Allegheny Commons is Pittsburgh's oldest park. Known for its mature canopy trees, wide promenade, and lovely Lake Elizabeth, Allegheny Commons is the front yard for the Northside's diverse neighborhoods. To preserve and restore the Commons, citizens formed an advocacy group called the Allegheny Commons Initiative in 1999. The Master Plan for Allegheny Commons was produced in 2002.

Today, the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy is working in partnership with the City, the Allegheny Commons Initiative, and the Northside Leadership Conference on initiatives to restore and renew Allegheny Commons:

ACTION PLAN. Efforts began in mid-2017 to develop a comprehensive approach to carrying out the 2002 Master Plan. The community-based process has reinforced historic preservation and focused on improving everyday use -- putting pedestrians first, providing more value to families, meeting contemporary recreational needs, and enhancing environmental benefits. Click here to view current reports and recommendations.

NORTHEAST FOUNTAIN. The Northeast Fountain restoration is part of a long-range master plan to restore Pittsburgh’s oldest park and to spur continued revitalization of the Northside community. The project, comprising approximately one city block, includes reconstruction of the historic fountain and surrounding gardens, as well as installation of new pathways and signage, benches, lighting, and other amenities. Now completed, the Northeast Fountain project has transformed this highly visible corner of the Northside into a community focal point, and greenspace overflowing with vitality and promise.

NORTH PROMENADE. The project will restore the 1935 path pattern, removing unnecessary paths and excess pavement. New pedestrian crossings at Federal and Arch Streets will include planted medians to provide safe harbor and signal drivers that they are entering the park zone. The George Washington Monument will be given a new setting in a well-scaled oval plaza. Finishing touches will include historically appropriate benches and energy efficient lighting. The planting scheme will feature a central allee of canopy trees along the Promenade, with a variety of understory trees planted informally in the flanking lawn. The first phase of the project will begin near the Northeast Fountain and will extend to Federal Street. The second phase will begin at Federal Street and will extend to the Washington Monument.