10 Unique Summer Camps for Pittsburgh Kids in 2015

MAR 1, 2015 

We hope you’ve been enjoying the snowy, cold Pittsburgh winter. It’s been perfect for building snowmen, going sledding and sipping hot chocolate. But with warmer weather on the horizon, many Pittsburgh families are eager to begin planning one of the most exciting times of the year–summer!

While unstructured play time is certainly beneficial, the summer can start to feel long without some quality organized activities, too. Enter summer camp and–wow–does Pittsburgh have you covered in that department. This year our city’s organizations will host an enormous variety of summer camps across many disciplines including the sciences, performing arts, visual arts, sports and much more. And with most registrations beginning over the next month, this article should help narrow the field by highlighting 11 of the most unique summer camps for Pittsburgh kids in 2015. Read Full Article